Working with clients virtually can initially seem limiting to body-centered practitioners, coaches, and healers, who rely on in-person presence and touch in their work. However, working virtually can open up new ways of working with clients, leveraging your expertise, and expanding your impact. It is a great tool to begin to explore sustainable leveraged growth for your in-person practice.

Shifting into the online space with your expertise can offer many benefits:

  • Location Freedom and Overhead Freedom
  • Leveraged Time Freedom
  • Breaking Out of the dollars/hr model
  • Expanded Market – your market is the whole world
  • Opportunity for passive income
  • Provide a new revenue stream to your in-person Services

Experimenting with going virtual with clients can start simply by learning how to use some of the necessary technology and experimenting with new ways to evolve your teaching and expertise in a virtual setting. I like to think of it as a creative experiment, and I have three tips to get you started.


Top 3 Tips To Get Started Working Online With Clients 


1) Create a new level of value and connection with your expertise.


Body-Centered Practitioners often build their relationships with their clients on the foundational value of in-person contact. If you shift from seeing your clients in-person to virtually, you will want to explore new ways to connect with your client through visual and verbal cueing. Leverage your expertise outside of your time by creating additional support materials like pdfs and video tutorials to support your virtual sessions. 


2) Experiment with your current clients

 Experiment with your virtual delivery with your existing clients to get comfortable with the technology and start to see what new ways you could share your expertise. Make sure you are clear how the virtual delivery will help them meet a new goal or solve a new problem. 


3) Evolve and Grow your model 

Approach going virtual as a dialogue and an experiment with your clients. Stay creative and look for ways to use virtual tools to help your clients solve a problem or reach a goal in a new way. Explore how you can start to leverage your expertise through group offerings and online courses that do not require your one on one time. 

So what tools do you need to use to get started?

My top two are:




To get started exploring a virtual framework with your clients, download my free expanded tool guide…and join my community to get started creating a new online level of your business.

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