-Do you know there is a deeper purpose behind the work that you do but you struggle to find the words to describe it?

It can be challenging to articulate a sense of purpose in your business that is both unique and personal to you and that speaks to your ideal clients.The Branding with Archetypes® Approach is a unique and transformative tool that can help you get to the heart of your unique personality and purpose at the heart of your business.

The Branding with Archetypes® Approach matches your personality, core values, conscious and unconscious beliefs, and your strengths and challenges to one of 12 universal Archetypes. Archetypes are a model or theme that people around the world recognize as universal characteristics and energy.  They translate your personal experience into a universal human experience.

Your archetype reveals a pattern of power and purpose within you that can guide your message, choices and help you step forward with clarity and leadership in your business.  Having a clear and unique sense of purpose to your brand can help distinguish you from the crowd and guide you in the right path of growth and development for your business.

Your archetype can also be a mirror to the transformation that your clients are seeking through their work with you. And it can help you hone in on or up-level your niche in a way that has deep alignment for you. As you hone in on your ideal client, your archetype can also help you to clarify the kind of transformation and outcomes that your clients are looking for in a way that aligns with your personality, expertise and purpose.

I offer a VIP Day Coaching Program focused on assessing and using your Brand Archetype to uplevel your brand and business strategy.  

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