Embodied Biz Planning for Coaches Expecting Their First Baby

Embodied Biz Planning for Coaches Expecting Their First Baby

Over the last year I have worked to transform my business to clarify my expertise and evolve my practice towards somatic coaching work that I can offer online to expand my reach and maximize my time and value.  I did all of this while preparing to have my first child! It seems like a lot, but it was well planned and an important step to help expand and reshape my business to meet the needs of my expanding family and my new lifestyle.  I’m excited to share an opportunity I had to talk with a friend and colleague and owner of Universal Coaching Systems about Embodied Business planning for coaches expecting their first baby.  We had a great interview on her podcast, Coach Pep Talk.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments…

Coach Pep Talk Podcast Episode 8- Interview with Dawn Strom

In Joy!

Are you ready for a vacation?

Are you ready for a vacation?

Are you Ready for a Vacation?


Do you ever feel like you never get enough vacation time, like you are always exhausted and can’t wait for your next opportunity to get away and get some down time?

What is the secret mojo that you get from going on vacation and how can you find it on a day to day basis so you will never have to feel like you are starving for time off again?

I just spent the last six days on vacation and I was reminded once again the importance of taking time on a daily basis to just be, to release the stress of daily life and to connect to nature and do the activities that nurture your sense of connection to yourself and others.

As I am heading home feeling amazing I can’t help but think, why do I need to go away and is there a way to get this kind of release and rejuvenation without leaving my home?

The answer is YES! and Maybe not entirely…

I realized that the there are four main things that help me to reconnect and rejuvenate on vacation and I can create daily practices at home to create a mini-vacation for myself on a daily basis. Here are a few practices that I plan to implement as soon as I get home.


  1. Take time off each day to turn off you cell phone and just be silent in meditation. Pull your attention back in from its position of responding to every email, text, or outside need. Take at least 3-5 minutes(or more) a day and just shut it off!
  2. Take at least 10 minutes a day to stretch and tend to your body. Our bodies take on the stress from our lives. They are constantly giving to us to support our activities and our needs.  Taking time to just connect and listen to you body ask what it needs..do some stretching, breathing, or just ask what your body needs that day to stay tuned up. This daily check in will help you stay connected to your body and make suer you are keeping it in good health.
  3. Take time every day to connect to those you love and express how you feel about them. Tell them you love them, thank them for what they do for you…whatever you are inspired to do. Connecting daily with the love in you life will keep your energy flowing.
  4. And for an added bonus, do the above 3 exercises in nature: meditate in nature, go for a walk or stretch outside, and bring your loved one along to catch up and connect while you walk!

Lastly, as great as these three practices are for helping you connect with yourself, de-stress and rejuvenate on a daily basis, there is no substitute for getting a change of scenery and taking the deeper exhale that comes with a good week or two to fully let down and regenerate. So make both a part of you self care practice and you will always be a day away from a little Re-Creation!


In joy!