What does Gyrotonic Movement look like?

What does Gyrotonic Movement look like?

Over the fifteen years that I have taught the Gyrotonic Method, the question I get most often is, “What is the Gyrotonic Method in a nutshell?”  There is, however, not one answer to this question because movement is an experience. In fact, movement is our first and primary medium of experience.  Trying to box it up and break it down into descriptions or goals may be useful for the moment but it does not produce an understanding. Because to truly understand a movement you need to do it.


Perhaps a more useful question would be, what makes the Gyrotonic Movement System unique? And to this I always answer that it teaches you to deeply experience your capacity for being in your body through movement. And by showing up and being with your body, you open to your potential for healing, insight, joy and really the experience of living at it’s fullest. 

Gyrotonic Movement is a tool and a path. And like any tool, the user is the guide.  And the best way to understand if the tool is what you need is to try it out! 

If you are ready to get started, schedule a consult and let’s move!

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