Dawn Strom

Body, Soul & Strategy Coach

My Approach

I partner with my clients to create personalized wellness lifestyle and embodiment practices to help them be at their best in all aspects of the their lives. I also partner with Healers, Coaches and Wellness Business owners to help them leverage their unique expertise and grow their business in alignment with their wellness lifestyle goals.

I have a diverse background as a philosopher, artist, movement therapist, runner, equestrian, health and business business coach, and a mother! I am skilled at helping my clients to create a health and wellness strategy that meets their unique needs and supports both their life and health goals. 

I focus my work on helping people to connect to their bodies to tap into their innate wisdom so they can navigate their best choices for their health, their life and their businesses with ease and authenticity. 

And I work with other health practitioners to harness the synergy of their unique expertise and personal experience to create their brand and business strategy that is authentic to them and integrate their personal and professional goals. 

If you want to feel more empowered with your health and wellness  and in your health and wellness business, I would love to chat!


My Story

Movement has always been an  anchor  for me.    I have been an avid equestrian and runner for most of my life  and  spent many years as a dancer as well. What movement has   given me is the opportunity to drop into the flow  of life, to feel my own strength and resilience  and to  develop a sense of intuition that can only be described as embodied.

And these aspects of being a “mover” has supported me through countless challenging life experiences where I needed to lean into my body to support my emotional and spiritual wellness through loss, health issues and even the challenging experience of becoming a mom!

Getting “into your body” or “being in your body” through movement is a gift that I love to help others claim in their lives, share through their careers and embody as a conscious lifestyle choice. 

Are you ready to go deeper into living an embodied lifestyle, creating a successful embodied wellness business or just finally feeling like you are empowered in your own health and well- being? Let’s chat!

My Specializations

GYROTONIC® Movement Education and Teacher Training

The Gyrotonic Movement System is a holistic movement system that will help you embody your fullest potential for healing through movement.  The system is made up of a series of exercises to develop spinal alignment and stability, relieve the postural patterns that cause back, neck and shoulder pain and restore fluid, resilient range of motion to the body.

Somatic Based Health and Wellness Coaching

Somatic Based Coaching™ will give you the tools to develop your kinesthetic awareness and use it to heal your body, align with your highest self and embody the life you want to create for yourself. 

Business Coaching & Brand Strategy for Healers

I help healers, wellness business owners and movement practitioners to create their unique brand and leverage their skills and expertise into the business model that perfectly fits their career and wellness lifestyle goals.