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I work with coaches, mentors, and healers who are at all stages of business. Check out my programs to see which one would best meet your needs.

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Apply for one of the programs by applying for a free discovery call. We will spend some time talking about what you want to create, what is holding you back, and ways we can partner together to get you moving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What do we talk about in the discovery session?

The discovery session is like a coffee chat to get to know you, your needs and goals and to talk with you about my programs to see if one of them will be a good fit for you.

02. How long is the discovery session? And is it virtual? And is it complimentary?

The discovery session usually takes 20-30 minutes, it is virtual via phone or zoom, and it is a complimentary consultation.

03. What happens after the discovery call?

If we decide we are a good fit to work together and collaborate, I will get you signed up for one of my programs after our call and we can get started!