The first half of 2020 was a flow of transitions and deep movements. We have simultaneously slowed down and stayed inside while also birthing a new level of deep movement outward for social and racial justice. 

And now we move through the Summer Solstice, a celebration of the return to light that reminds us of the light within us as well as our united light.  This year I feel the important call do go deeper into our awareness of how we are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent with one another.  Our health is interconnected, and our well being as a society depends on our ability to honor and value our interconnection and our fundamental equality. 

I think I will call this year the “Return to Light” because that is what is has felt like so far. In our studio, the pandemic and the need for social distancing brought us inside our homes and our client’s homes as we shifted our movement coaching online.  We did not know how things would go, but we stayed connected to our guiding light. Our goal is always to help our clients live their lives in a deeper state of balance, clarity, peace and inner alignment so they can live and create their lives with purpose. 

We have done the same in our daily lives, looking for the opportunities that these challenging circumstances have offered to come back to what feeds us in our lives- nature, love and community.

In our studio, the pandemic and the need for social distancing brought us inside our homes and our client’s homes as we shifted our movement coaching online. Transitioning to coaching online ended up being even more successful than we could have expected, and many of our clients prefer the convenience and new level of instruction and focus as we have experimented with new approaches and techniques. In our sessions, we use Gyrokinesis, meditation, embodiment coaching and our corrective exercise protocols to shift chronic pain points, relieve stress and tension in the body, and create clarity and alignment in mind and body.  

After three months of working successfully virtually, and still amid a pandemic, we decided that we wanted to continue to invest and grow the virtual model and let go of our studio space in mid-town Atlanta. We have been at our Briarcliff location for four years now and in that general area for over eight years. During this time, I have grown my coaching practice to include business and life coaching as well as Gyrotonic Movement, and I have wanted to explore a virtual model to create greater freedom of location, and new opportunities.

And it looks like now is the time!

So as Gyrotonic Fit re-opens, we are re-opening at our Riverside home studio and virtually. At this time, I am open to working with new clients Virtually for Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Movement Coaching and Business Coaching for Movement Professionals who want to leverage their work. I will also continue to conduct Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Educational Courses, which will start again in the fall.

If you are interested in Virtual Gyrotonic Private Sessions or Business Coachingschedule a time to chat with me HERE=============>

David continues to offer movement, neuromuscular, and craniosacral therapy in our home studio. And we have some new opportunities to work with us both virtually coming down the pipeline in July! So stay tuned!

We are excited to continue to grow and expand our business in new ways that inspire healing through movement and serve to create a movement of empowered embodiment and visionary leadership.


Sending love and gratitude from the river~