The Gyrotonic Movement System is a holistic movement system that can serve a wide variety of need and goals.  One of the ways that I have used the system in my movement therapy practice is to help clients who are transitioning from working with a physical therapist on an acute condition to getting back to a movement program that helps them continue doing the activities that they love.

The Gyrotonic System is both gentle and supportive to the body on many levels. But one of the primary ways it can help you to get make to movement after injury is by developing a new mindset about how to listen to pain and ease in your body. The movement sequences are created to teach you how to deepen your awareness of how your body moves from the inside out, to be able to feel what movements cause pain, and what movements help your body to move comfortably in that moment. Moving your body from a felt experience and a sense of intention towards ease and comfort can help you to create a new level of trust with movement when you may have fear about moving again after injury.

The other way that the Gyrotonic Movement System can help you transition back to injury after movement is through the supportive environment of the equipment.  The Gyrotonic equipment is specially designed to support your body to access your full range of motion with support. The equipment provides resistance and support to your body to help you regain a sense of connection and support. It also provides an element of instability to help you re-train your nervous system to get back to full dynamic movement in your life. 

Watch the video below to see an example of how a Gyrotonic Movement Program can help you regain balance after injury.

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