About Somatic Movement


Education and Therapy

The field of somatics has developed over the last century through a process of inquiry into how consciousness inhabits the living body. The term is derived from the word “somatic” (Greek “somatikos”, soma: “living, aware, bodily person”) which means pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within. According to Thomas Hanna, who first coined the phrase, “somatics” is the study of self from the perspective of lived experience, encompassing the dimensions of body, psyche, and spirit.

Somatic movement describes movement that is sensed and shaped from within, rather than from an external source. Somatic Movement focuses on the ways that we determine, shape, change and create our movement through image, thought, intention and interaction with our environment.

Somatic movement education and therapy is the process of awakening awareness of the human body in movement. Registered practitioners guide individuals and groups into inner experiences of their bodies, deepening the clients’ understanding of themselves in motion.

  • Somatic Movement Education focuses on techniques to develop awareness and understanding of the moving body, develop embodied creativity and transform and create new experience through movement
  • Somatic Movement Therapy focuses on the interconnection between mind-body and environment in the healing process. Somatic Movement techniques help to understand and re-pattern movement and use imagery, intention and touch to integrate mind and body to support your healing process.


Benefits of Somatic Movement

  • Increased health and wellness
  • Improved performance
  • Expanded creative expression
  • Integrated learning and transformation

 The Internation Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association  registers programs and Somatic Movement Educators/Therapists