Embody A New Level of Success on Your Own Terms

Powerful Body Centered Success Coaching for women leaders to RECLAIM joy, down time, deep connection, purposeful wealth and the meaningful difference you long to make.

Do you wake up clear and energized…

Feeling at your best and ready to be your best?


Or do you wake up overwhelmed and ready to pull the covers back over your head hoping that another minute of sleep will put you in a better state of mind?

If this sounds like YOU then it’s time to transform what feels overwhelming in your life and business into everyday easy, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you!

Life is too short to be satisfied with..

Waking up feeling weary and going to bed feeling exhausted

and spend your day feeling stuck in an energy ceiling that you can’t seem to raise.

Being frustrated with your "cranky" body that is always calling out for attention.

But you don’t have the time or the energy or motivation to shift the stress and lifestyle patterns affecting your health.

Feeling like you always have to sacrifice one part of your happiness for another

And you wish you could just get all of the parts of your life working together rather than against each other.

Getting stuck in an energy and income ceiling trading dollars for hours...

That burns you out and limits the impact you long to make.

Creating massive success in your work but not feeling successful in your life

And not knowing why you still don’t feel like you have it all..even when you do.  

Struggling with a lack of motivation for self care

Because you are afraid if you really check in with yourself you will feel the overwhelm that you have been avoiding.

Knowing you can create wealth and you make enough money but feeling like you can't control the flow.

And still being afraid that you will not have enough and over or underspending to fill in the gaps.

The truth is that success can feel good ...if it is on your own terms!

You don’t need to sacrifice one area of happiness in your life for another. You CAN have it all.

You can be well, have deep purpose and connection with with yourself and others, make money and the meaningful difference you long to make.


If you tune out the noise, come home to your body, and tune into your deeper voice, you will find a new path to a new normal.

Where you can replace the struggle and the hustle with confident, soul led action.


Client Success

“Dawn is a true pleasure to work with! I sought her out for business coaching for a start up in the health and wellness space, but she has delivered above and beyond to mindset work, family coaching, and maternity planning as a business owner. My biggest struggles were time management and confidence, and Dawn walked me through some great techniques to significantly improve my most pressing pain points. Because she has given me a solid foundation, I return to these techniques as my business changes versus being dependent on receiving answers for each new challenge. She never fails to surprise with her knowledge or experience on so many matters and topics, making her one of the most well rounded educators I’ve met”

Theresa Pride

Owner & Physical Therapist, Pride Physique

“Many thanks to Dawn Strom for sharing her experience, skills, knowledge and perhaps most importantly, her caring nature. Dawn is both my Gyrotonic instructor and my Health Coach. I am happy to report I am more health enabled, more flexible, stronger and more mindful of what it takes to maximize your opportunities for movement. I recommend Dawn absolutely!”

Nancy Vepraskas

HR Coach & Business Owner, P2 Excellence

“Dawn is a wonderful coach! Her Holistic Soul and Strategy program is a unique blend of business strategy and soulful coaching–a combination that’s rare to find. This program is specifically designed to release blocks and inner barriers all while mapping out an incredible future for your business, so you can truly achieve your potential. If you’re hesitating about signing up, ask yourself: how much longer do you want to wait to transform your life and business?”

Dr. Kim Foster

MD & Health Coach

“Starting a new business, even after years of self-employment, is daunting. Through Dawn’s coaching program, though, opening a new fitness and wellness venture seemed not only doable, but an amazing opportunity to change my life. Dawn’s thoughtful and well-thought-out approach is accessible to everyone, and sets a person up for long-term success and growth

Leeanne Frazier

Lawyer and Movement Therapist/Gyrotonic Instructor

Hi! I'm Dawn

Gyrotonic Master Trainer, Movement Therapist, Coach and Creative Human who loves envisioning unique possibilities and trailblazing new paths.

I coach holistic minded, ambitious women professionals and entrepreneurs  who feel frustrated and like they have tried everything to progress and succeed in health, life and business- BUT they continue to feel like one thing has to be sacrificed in order to be successful somewhere else- I help them RECLAIM deep meaningful purpose, down time and joy and to feel confident and valued and finally make the money and the difference they long to make.

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