Ground Your Growth

Multi-dimensional coaching for ambitious creative leaders who want to sustainably embody their next level of success in a way that nurtures their health, deepens their purpose and expands their life.

Welcome Visionary. Thought Leader. Creative Entrepreneur.

You are HERE for a reason…

You know that the drive inside of you to actualize your potential and use your creative energy to truly make a difference in the world is the source of your magic.  You know that when you are in alignment with your highest purpose, you feel the expansive and in your zone of genius.

But you also know that you need more than passion and purpose to continue to evolve your highest level work and be at your best…You need a clear vision and a strategy that honors your health, your purpose, and your unique path to happiness, joy and meaning. 

You know that without a solid foundation and a strategy you can easily lose sight of your focus, become imbalanced with your health, life and work goals, and easy end up overworked, burned out…and even lose your confidence in your path.

You health and self care are your foundation and they are often the first to go when you are seeking your next level of success.

Sacrificing your health to create your wealth and your impact actually limits your potential and your ability to enjoy your success.

You don’t need to do more, work harder and give more until you burnout.  And you don’t need to counter your exhaustion and burn out by adding more to your plate to “work on your health” and “get back on track” so you can do it all again. 


The truth is that expansion can feel good and nurturing your health will grow your wealth...

If your path to growth honors your body, inspires your purpose and activates your transformative gifts.




Hi! I'm Dawn

I coach holistic minded, ambitious leaders to master their mind-body success connection, and create the transformative life and self care strategies to nurture sustainable growth and evolve their highest purpose, potential, and mission. 


I Help You Create Soul Level Embodied Alignment 

To embody your deepest purpose and elevate the impact the only YOU can create.



Get connected and present with the vital energy of your body so you can align to your innate wisdom and intuition and create a foundation for aligned success.  


Uncover your soul level purpose and the deep wisdom that arises from you unique life path.  Awaken your ability to take aligned action towards manifesting your highest vision for your life and work.


Create the Embodied Purpose Strategy that allows you to move into your next level of health, wealth and impact in the world.


The Core C.A.R.E.™ Program

The Core C.A.R.E.™ Program utilizies a combination of Neuromuscular and Movement Therapy, The Gyrotonic Movement Method, and our Core C.A.R.E.™ online homework protocols to help you take a proactive approach to pain relief and the lifelong health of your body.


The Gyrotonic Expansion System is an embodiment system that offers you to opportunity to reclaim your sense of joy and vitality in movement.   Step experience a new level of presence, intention, strength and integration between your mind, body and spirit. 

Gyrotonic Teacher Certification

Add the Gyrotonic Method to your toolkit of holistic health modalities.  The Gyrotonic Method is a perfect compliment for Movement and Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and Health Coaches.

Holistic Health & Business Coaching

Grow your wellness business and brand strategy with your wellness lifestyle as a core foundation.

Client Success

“Dawn is a true pleasure to work with! I sought her out for business coaching for a start up in the health and wellness space, but she has delivered above and beyond to mindset work, family coaching, and maternity planning as a business owner. My biggest struggles were time management and confidence, and Dawn walked me through some great techniques to significantly improve my most pressing pain points. Because she has given me a solid foundation, I return to these techniques as my business changes versus being dependent on receiving answers for each new challenge. She never fails to surprise with her knowledge or experience on so many matters and topics, making her one of the most well rounded educators I’ve met”

Theresa Pride

Owner & Physical Therapist, Pride Physique

“Many thanks to Dawn Strom for sharing her experience, skills, knowledge and perhaps most importantly, her caring nature. Dawn is both my Gyrotonic instructor and my Health Coach. I am happy to report I am more health enabled, more flexible, stronger and more mindful of what it takes to maximize your opportunities for movement. I recommend Dawn absolutely!”

Nancy Vepraskas

HR Coach & Business Owner, P2 Excellence

“Dawn is a wonderful coach! Her Holistic Soul and Strategy program is a unique blend of business strategy and soulful coaching–a combination that’s rare to find. This program is specifically designed to release blocks and inner barriers all while mapping out an incredible future for your business, so you can truly achieve your potential. If you’re hesitating about signing up, ask yourself: how much longer do you want to wait to transform your life and business?”

Dr. Kim Foster

MD & Health Coach

“Starting a new business, even after years of self-employment, is daunting. Through Dawn’s coaching program, though, opening a new fitness and wellness venture seemed not only doable, but an amazing opportunity to change my life. Dawn’s thoughtful and well-thought-out approach is accessible to everyone, and sets a person up for long-term success and growth?

Leeanne Frazier

Lawyer and Movement Therapist/Gyrotonic Instructor